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  • [WORKSHOP] Social Media Strategies

    Are you already using social media, but want to use it in a more strategic way? This day workshop will allow you to develop your social media strategy, thinking about what you want to achieve, and drawing on the latest research to show how this might be done manageably alongside your current workload. This session […]

  • [WORKSHOP] Blogging for Beginners

    Would you like to blog? This practical workshop gives a practical overview several of the free blogging platforms on offer, the chance to think about what the purpose of your blog should be, and an opportunity to define a strategy for your blog to make sure it meets your aims. In this session delegates will gain […]

  • [WORKSHOP] Engaging with the Twittersphere

    Do you understand what Twitter is all about, and what it’s capable of? No? This half day practical workshop will give you insight into how Twitter can help you build relationships, both locally and further afield. Come and learn the tools and etiquette that you need to tweet effectively. Who is the course for? Anyone […]

  • [WORKSHOP]: Improve Your Academic Profile Online

    Do you know that you need to raise you academic profile; know that social media is freely available, but have no idea how to make use of it? This daylong course will give you the confidence and skills to get started. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss topics including: How to get yourself a profile […]

  • #TDC13 Workshop: The Power of Story

    This afternoon I’m at this workshop: Great leaders beginning with the Alexander the Great, have long known the emotional power of story in helping engage people behind a cause or a company. Today more than ever in our chaotic world of information overload, facts are not enough.  We want something that’s meaningful, a message that […]

  • WORKSHOP: Social Media for the Scared for @C_of_E

    The slidedeck for today’s workshop, held for the Church of England encouraging those within the church to think about why they should be online, and ho to become less fearful in doing so… : Social media for the Scared January 2013 from Bex Lewis Like It? Share it...