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  • Darwin wouldn’t have bothered with Twitter?

    Checking out a story in i this evening, which reckons that Darwin (and other?) theories wouldn’t have happened in the modern day: Our world is a frantic, intellectually combustible place. Opinions are 10 a penny in the age of Twitter. Mature reflection does not play a major part in public discourse. Knee-jerk reaction? That’ll do. […]

  • Do you chatterbox while you watch TV?

    Do you chatterbox while you watch TV?

    A new term has become popular – chatterboxing, meaning watching a TV programme while talking to others about it online.  A lot of people are doing it, mostly via Twitter A lot of TV programmes now display their hashtag when they start as an invitation to tweet during the programme – and a lot of […]

  • Should Universities be learning from Supermarkets?

    Universities are encouraged to learn from Supermarket consumer-led strategies: He recommended that institutions should embrace social media as a feedback tool and to enable “two-way communication” with students because traditional methods of complaining were out of date. “If I am unhappy about something, I don’t write a nice letter and wait for a reply. I […]

  • Paper Tweets

    An interesting ‘blend’ of digital and paper, using Twitter to encourage support for the football team: Like It? Share it...

  • Twitter New Features

    This afternoon I’m teaching my Twitter course, and this morning Twitter adds a couple of new features… so let’s highlight them here. The section ‘Mentions’ has been replaced with your user name (probably more intuitive anyway), but also highlights some other new activities, of which I can see at present who has recently followed me […]