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  • Lack of Tech Savvy for PhD Students?

    Interesting story about use – or lack of – of social media, etc. in academic institutions: Few PhD students explore new technologies in their research or understand the range of information available to them, a report commissioned by the British Library and higher education technology body Jisc has found. Researchers of Tomorrow, published on 28 […]

  • Darwin wouldn’t have bothered with Twitter?

    Checking out a story in i this evening, which reckons that Darwin (and other?) theories wouldn’t have happened in the modern day: Our world is a frantic, intellectually combustible place. Opinions are 10 a penny in the age of Twitter. Mature reflection does not play a major part in public discourse. Knee-jerk reaction? That’ll do. […]

  • Do you chatterbox while you watch TV?

    Do you chatterbox while you watch TV?

    A new term has become popular – chatterboxing, meaning watching a TV programme while talking to others about it online.  A lot of people are doing it, mostly via Twitter A lot of TV programmes now display their hashtag when they start as an invitation to tweet during the programme – and a lot of […]

  • Should Universities be learning from Supermarkets?

    Universities are encouraged to learn from Supermarket consumer-led strategies: He recommended that institutions should embrace social media as a feedback tool and to enable “two-way communication” with students because traditional methods of complaining were out of date. “If I am unhappy about something, I don’t write a nice letter and wait for a reply. I […]

  • Paper Tweets

    An interesting ‘blend’ of digital and paper, using Twitter to encourage support for the football team: Like It? Share it...