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  • #FollowFriday: Using Twitter in Learning

    Interesting story in THE, with Rosie Miles, who I heard from at Winchester in the past: Dr Miles used Twitter, she said, as a kind of “ludic learning” tool, allowing students to connect with Victorian literature in a very 21st-century way. Students adopted Twitter personas based on fictional characters: Dr Jekyll became @Doubleface1886, while Dracula’s enemy […]

  • [WORKSHOP] Engaging with the Twittersphere

    Do you understand what Twitter is all about, and what it’s capable of? No? This half day practical workshop will give you insight into how Twitter can help you build relationships, both locally and further afield. Come and learn the tools and etiquette that you need to tweet effectively. Who is the course for? Anyone […]

  • Complain on Twitter? Get a Quicker Response?

    A really interesting segment on The One Show yesterday, which confirmed what I have already found over the past couple of years, that companies will respond more quickly to social media complaints, often (but not always) leading to a quicker resolution. You still need to think about how you complain: The results were no surprise […]

  • #ECRChat – Fortnightly Twitter PostDoc Discussion

    Nice idea: “Going from the strong PhD community to the early career researcher stage can give you a feeling of isolation, uncertainty and a lack of security, especially when you are moving around on short-term contracts,” she said. Mirroring the popular #PhDchat Twitter channel, #ECRchat allows researchers to discuss issues such as the best time to start […]

  • [INFOGRAPHIC] The Art of Getting Retweets

    Some interesting advice on getting retweets on Twitter, although I still struggle with the idea of ‘Please RT’ as that almost makes me want to RT less … if it’s good enough let it stand on it’s own too feet and people will share because it’s good? Like It? Share it...

  • 6 Easy Steps to Using Hootsuite

    Over at the work that I’m doing for ODHEG, I was asked for a simple guide to Hootsuite, so here we are. Hootsuite is designed to enable you to tweet, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc without having to log in and out of each account (the free account allows you to connect to up to 5 accounts, […]