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  • #CNMAC14: Digital Health Check with @drbexl

    This afternoon’s session at #CNMAC14, encouraging us to think about healthy habits online… hoping plenty of time for discussion! #CNMAC14 – Digital Healthcheck with @drbexl from Bex Lewis Like It? Share it...

  • My Year Unplugged: How I Found My Off Switch

    An interesting piece on taking time out (longer than intended) by this author: As I sat there listening to the panel, I also realized we still had a great deal of work to do in all our communities and much of that work had to do with helping people learn to not only not fear […]

  • Smartphones… Can you really get away from it all?

    Smartphones… Can you really get away from it all?

    There should by rights be a team of holiday police who wrestle your tech from your grasp as you pass through customs. At the very least there should be an amnesty box, in which you can deposit your phone and/or personal organiser for the duration of your trip. But alas, there is none of these […]