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  • Emulate Plato and Steve Jobs, university educators hear (@timeshighered)

    Excellent, another little example that I use frequently in my training courses (must double check is Plato & not Socrates!): The maturing of digital technology is returning higher education to the age of the School of Athens, when Plato dismissed books as a dangerous disruption to education. That was the argument made by William Rankin, […]

  • Art and Technology: Can they work together?

    Interesting piece from the Guardian: Technology and art have enjoyed a tempestuous relationship over the years. Fine art purists have demonstrated a wary scepticism towards the use and abuse of new technologies, and tech-heads have been staunchly resistant to art’s whimsical influence. But as the pressing issues of privacy and identity, addiction and dependency, and […]

  • Will Technology Replace Thinking?

    Interesting piece from Kirk Douglas, aged 96 – observing technological changes: The first thing you come up against is technology. One night we took our grandchildren out for dinner. I looked around the table. Jason, the youngest, was playing games with his cellphone; Ryan, 12 years old, had his head under the table and I […]

  • Universities need to be less scared of technology

    Interesting article, although I may contest the ‘digital generation’ stuff #seemybook And remember, this is the digital generation, born wired for wi-fi with huge expectations when it comes to the delivery of information. (However, tolerance for anything that requires an attention span is at an all-time low.) When it comes to teaching, we’re all going […]

  • HE Changing Times

    As Steven Schwartz retires, he looks ahead As everyone knows, technology has exploded in the past decade. In 2002, there were no Moocs, no Facebook, no iPhones or iPads. As The New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman observed, 10 years ago Twitter was still a sound, the cloud was in the sky, 4G was a parking space, […]

  • Harness Student Devices? #BYOD

    Listened to this talk live – interesting to see it in the THE: Students have so many devices: sector must be smart and tap them, says expert. Chris Parr writes Harnessing the power of the technology that students already have in their pockets could revolutionise the way universities teach – but more research into how […]

  • Book Review: Interop

    This book looks interesting, reviewed in Times Higher Education this week: You’ve probably been there: the plenary speaker arrives straight from the airport, rocks up to the podium and whips out a Mac laptop that the techie supporting the event assumed would be a PC. There is much muttering and scrabbling for a video adaptor – […]

  • Are Innovation and Technology Synonymous?

    Is technology at the base of all innovations? Someone told me recently that there is a correlation between economic recession and the frequency of the use of the word “innovation”. The correlation is a positive one. I have no idea if it is true, or even how you could find out, but I suspect there […]

  • Lunch #TDC12

    Lunch #TDC12

    I’m booked onto the following lunch: BBC Future Media Lunch with Ralph Rivera (Thurs, 13:15 – 14:00) Following on Ralph Rivera’s Thursday morning Thinking Digital talk, the BBC are hosting a lunch with Ralph, Ian Forrester and Samantha Chadwick. This will be a great opportunity to get to know some key people at the BBC’s Future Media Division as […]