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  • Day 2 #ODHEG: Blog Action Plan

    So, we have half an hour to get some inspiration for the kind of content we want on the ODHE blog: ODHE National Meeting Day 2, February 2013 from Bex Lewis

  • The Story of Today with @drbexl #CNMAC12

    This is (probably still a draft) version of the rather-experimental session we’re about to do, telling the story of today from a range of sources: #CNMAC12: The Story of Today from Bex Lewis We’ll know afterwards whether it worked!

  • #JISCDigLit with ODHE

    This morning I ran a session with the Organisational Development in HE Group, a group in which there’s quite a lot of fear and skepticism about technology – but they’re open to discussions/engaging: Becoming Digitally Literate Organisational Developers. ODHE October 2012 from Bex Lewis