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  • 3 Ways Educators are Embracing Social Technology

    3 Ways Educators are Embracing Social Technology

    “The modern American school faces rough challenges. Budget cuts have caused ballooning class sizes,  many teachers struggle with poorly motivated students, and in many schools a war is being waged on distracting technologies. In response, innovative educators are embracing social media to fight back against the onslaught of problems. Technologies such as Twitter and Skype […]

  • Museum Visits: iPhone

    Museum Visits: iPhone

    Just watching this video as I prepare a lecture on how digitisation affects the museum experience, something that has fascinated me, although I haven’t really done much theory on it! These guys indicate how an iPhone and some QR codes can give an interactive experience for those wandering round the museum. A friend & I […]

  • Mobile Networking

    Mobile Networking

    I have noticed with my students that they rarely seem to read their emails, or their university emails, at least, even though this is our main method of communication with them. Mobiles, however, they can’t get enough of, and it’s growing. With modern mobiles (and yes, I gave into the iPhone), there’s the option of a […]

  • The iPhone, the iPhone, My Kingdom for an iPhone

    The iPhone, the iPhone, My Kingdom for an iPhone

    What’s this, you say? I thought you owned an iPhone, spent far too much time on it, and used it as a tool to draw together many parts of your life in one small, neat packet! ‘Tis True I still own said iPhone, but when one tries to turn it on, one receives an image […]

  • Fully Convergent?

    Fully Convergent?

    Interesting experiment, and inspiration for ideas for a fully convergent social/educational life. Everything throught the iPhone… wonder if that would work elsewhere? Like It? Share it...