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  • Die Hard Copy with @timeshighered

    Are academics really digitally savvy? They definitely don’t seem to be that digitally confident… something that is drawn out in the following story: It is clear, says Cary Cooper, distinguished professor of organisational psychology and health at Lancaster University Management School, that “academics are much more technologically and digitally savvy than ever before”. Yet this […]

  • Publishing in a Digital World

    There has been much jitteriness among publishers and academic authors of late as both parties grapple with the consequences of digital and cultural change. Speaking at the Modern Language Association of America’s annual convention in Los Angeles earlier this year, Leslie Mitchner, of Rutgers University Press, pointed out that new technologies are giving scholars ever […]

  • Digital Cultures Milad Doueihi

    A student is reading a book. A message beeps from an iPhone. Eyes flick to the screen in curiosity. During the glance from paper to screen, an iPod continues to shuffle a soundtrack. From screen to sound, from paper to pixels, digital cultures accompany, replace and cannibalise earlier platforms and meaning systems. In Digital Cultures, Milad […]

  • Interview with @garretkeogh earlier tonight re @bbcbeinghuman

    Interview with @garretkeogh earlier tonight re @bbcbeinghuman

    Earlier tonight I spoke with Garret Keogh for about 16 minutes, who is the digital man behind BBC3 hit series ‘Being Human‘, to find out some of the best practices they use in encouraging ‘appointment viewing’ and conversations around the TV series: Conversation with Garret Keogh May 8 2011 by bex-lewis I met Garret at […]

  • Apple (no, not the Mac Version): “Feed Me”… Digital Obesity!

    Apple (no, not the Mac Version): “Feed Me”… Digital Obesity!

    Apple (the occasional night looking at technology, spirituality and the world we live in) 9 considers information consumption. We have a huge number of feeds coming in via mobiles, the web, email, RSS… But what are we doing with this glut of data? With the drip-feed of read text from books and newspapers, our brains were […]

  • 8 Out of 10 Cats: Digital Special

    8 Out of 10 Cats: Digital Special

    Edition from 12th February 2010, catching up courtesy of 4OD. The majority of the programme is focused on what are the top 5 uses of the internet: I love the way humour can just be so spot on as to what goes on online… Sean Lock (at 7:50) “Twitter is like shouting as you walk […]