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  • Learning Through Engagement with the Conference #JISCEL12

    Last week I attended the JISC ‘Innovating Learning’ online conference – here’s a blog post I wrote for ‘Letters from the Edge’ – the conference blog: This is a post, as with my ‘live’ blog posts, written as an ‘on the spot reflection’ rather than an agonised-over academic piece! Over the past few years, I […]

  • Abstract: Programming Collaborative Learning

    Name: Dr Bex Lewis Conference: Exploring collaborative learning in Higher Education media education programmes The HEA funded TESTA (Transforming the Experience of Students through Assessment) has worked across 22 programmes in 8 universities. TESTA has built a community of practice (CoP) interested in assessment and feedback processes at a sector level. FASTECH is a new JISC-funded project […]

  • Paper Abstract for @Pelecon12: Digitising Programme by Programme

    In April, we have the annual Plymouth Enhanced Learning Conference. The following abstract has been accepted: Abstract: FASTECH is a new JISC-funded project building on a new body of knowledge about staff and student experiences of assessment and feedback, collected from over 22 degree programmes in 8 universities through the HEA-funded TESTA (Transforming the Experience […]

  • #CfP Abstract Submission: Encouraging Faith Voices in Digital Spaces

    Media, Religion, Culture Conference 2012 Format: Presentation, leading to discussion. I was alerted to this conference at the weekend, and had about 24 hours to pull together a conference proposal. We’ll see if this ticks any of the right boxes…  We live in a ‘digital age’, in a world that is increasingly defined and […]

  • Are you contributing to @pelecon (April 2012)?

    One of my favourite e-learning conferences, which interestingly has renamed itself ‘Excellence in Learning’ (rather than electronic learning) has produced it’s website, and you can see blog entries from previous events here: #pelc10, #pelc11. Submit a Paper As in previous years, the conference welcomes proposals for papers, workshops, symposia, panels and demonstrations from across all […]

  • Ewan McIntosh #jiscel11

    Live notes from the session (italics my thoughts, rest my notes):  The danger of so much jargon in the world. I end up in 2 minds about this – sometimes it’s a shorthand that works for the community, but sometimes it excludes people. Simon Cowell – how do we define his success – the amount […]