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  • [SPEAKING] Fundraising in an Age of Social Media

    Another morning session looking at fundraising in an age of social media for Wycliffe Bible translators … they have expert fundraisers – my job is to continue to help them to understand digital culture and how that means their practices need to be adjusted: Fundraising in an Age of Social Media for Wycliffe from Bex […]

  • [WORKSHOP] Social Media for Youth Leaders (with @c_of_e)

    Tomorrow I run the first course of ‘Social Media Training for Youth Leaders‘ at Church House, Westminster – still interested in collecting more case studies/concrete examples: Social Media for Youth Leaders, May 2014, for @c_of_e from Bex Lewis Like It? Share it...

  • [WORKSHOP] Social Media for the Scared

    Last time I ran ‘Social Media for the Scared’ at Church House, Westminster, the course changed from a 3 hour course to a 6 hour course. Some restructuring was felt to be needed, and the course may not race quite to the end – leaving a bit of space for practical elements if people desire […]

  • [WORKSHOP] Social Media for Youth Leaders

    As a youth leader, you may feel the responsibility for helping keep the children that you work with safe online, but also want to know how they – and you – can use it to its full advantage. In this day course, developed from Raising Children in a Digital Age (Lion Hudson, 2014), internet scare […]