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  • JISC e-Learning Webinars: Making Assessment Count

    Friday 3rd February 2012 1-2pm Online via Blackboard Collaborate Presenters: Professor Peter Chatterton (Daedalus e-World Ltd) and Professor Gunter Saunders (University of Westminster) The objective of Making Assessment Count is primarily to help students engage more closely with the assessment process, either at the stage where they are addressing an assignment or at the stage when they receive […]

  • Checking in with #JISCEL11

    Checking in with #JISCEL11

    It’s nearly that time of year again, for the JISC ‘Innovating E-Learning’ conference, a conference which you could attend in your pyjamas if you like.. last year’s event was excellent! For only £50, there’s the opportunity to listen to a number of experts present about the latest projects in technology enhanced learning, to connect and […]

  • Learning with the iPad

    Learning with the iPad

    Engaging, educational apps, on a lightweight moveable tool… can be used across the age-groups. Learning anytime, anywhere… Like It? Share it...

  • Can digital media enhance teaching?

    Can digital media enhance teaching?

    In summary, our session suggested that the use of digital media really can enhance teaching, but also poses the risk of only passively engaging the learner. No single individual or even institution in isolation could possibly ‘keep up’. Only by pooling knowledge and sharing stories of what works and what doesn’t can we use successfully […]

  • Open Access Journals: Has the shine faded?

    Open Access Journals: Has the shine faded?

    The recent launch of several high-profile open-access journals by commercial publishers including Nature Publishing Group and SAGE elicited cheers from veterans of the open-access movement. Here, they thought, was evidence that their ideal of making research freely available online, as expressed in 2002’s landmark Budapest Open Access Initiative document, was finally gaining mainstream traction. But […]

  • The Future of Learning by @timbuckteeth

    The Future of Learning by @timbuckteeth

    The Future of Learning View more presentations from Steve Wheeler. I always enjoy talking to Steve, and this is another great presentation – beautifully laid out, some provocative thinking for our teaching practices in the future. Like It? Share it...

  • An Evening With Sir Ken Robinson (16th March 2011)

    An Evening With Sir Ken Robinson (16th March 2011)

    “Asking if there’s enough creativity in schools is like asking if there’s enough education in schools.  Promoting creativity in all its forms should be one of the fundamental purposes of all schools. Ten years ago in All Our Futures we made a distinction between ‘teaching creatively’ and ‘teaching for creativity’. The first is about teachers […]