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  • Zombie Apocalypse Using Google StreetView

    I survived from 1min29 – how long can you last, negotiating your way around the streets near you using Google Streetview! An interesting use for Streetview… what might you use it for? And want to have a go yourself? Found out about this from @sharecreative.   Like It? Share it...

  • I tried…

    Comedic commentary on ‘the YouTube generation’ … “I’m Twitter famous” What does that mean? “I’m not really famous” So, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc can help us do many things… but not everything… and Daniel Radcliffe is quite amusing too! Try, but know your limits, not… “I tried, and therefore no one can criticise me.” Like […]

  • Tweet along with #EasterLive

    Tweet along with #EasterLive

    Have you heard of EasterLive yet? If not, check it out, and see the stories that people are posting on the #EasterLive hashtag on Twitter (if you’re not sure how to use Twitter, there’s a great guide here), and last year’s story is being retold on Facebook. It’s Passover week in 1st Century Jerusalem. A bustling throng of Jewish […]

  • Testing Wimba

    Testing Wimba

    Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been helping out at a couple of sessions at getting groups of students to use Wimba (I’m looking at ways of trying this more widely in the institution, but not there yet – think I may have to hang out in the dining area!). The students will then […]

  • Digital Art: The Sandpit

    Digital Art: The Sandpit

    The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo. Just catching up on BBC Click, and thought this was amazing… and yes, it’s real people in New York, not a model! Like It? Share it...

  • One Million People: Faces of a Digital Generation

    One Million People: Faces of a Digital Generation

    An interesting new project came to my attention this morning, a plan to get One Million People to add their photos to a book, currently virtual, but (interestingly for a digital project), to be printed (with an anticipated price point of $100).  The site is in its very early stages, and is the brainchild of […]

  • Life in a Day

    Life in a Day

    I heard about this from @lisaharris the other day: “Life in a Day” – I had heard about it before, thought it sounded like a great idea… and then promptly forgot about it as I was away that week! “Life In A Day is a historic global experiment to create the world’s largest user-generated feature […]

  • First go at #geocaching

    First go at #geocaching

    Over the past couple of months I’ve been pushing some of the GPS features on my phone (I’ll be back to talk about Foursquare and Gowalla in future blog posts), and the subject of geocaching has come up several times, so what is it… this video explains best: With my work with CODEC, one of […]

  • Experimenting with Jing

    Experimenting with Jing

    Here’s the first quick test video I made… I obviously need to wait another second before I start talking, and plan what I am talking about too! And here’s a second version Jing Test 2 (MP4, rather than SWF format), after upgrading to Pro, which was £11! Means can now upload to YouTube and make […]