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  • #TDC13 Workshop: The Power of Story

    This afternoon I’m at this workshop: Great leaders beginning with the Alexander the Great, have long known the emotional power of story in helping engage people behind a cause or a company. Today more than ever in our chaotic world of information overload, facts are not enough.  We want something that’s meaningful, a message that […]

  • Learning Through Engagement with the Conference #JISCEL12

    Last week I attended the JISC ‘Innovating Learning’ online conference – here’s a blog post I wrote for ‘Letters from the Edge’ – the conference blog: This is a post, as with my ‘live’ blog posts, written as an ‘on the spot reflection’ rather than an agonised-over academic piece! Over the past few years, I […]

  • Catching Up ‘Levers of Change’ with @jamesclay #JISCEL12

    Levers of Change – seeing similarities with steam engines … Some levers make sense – move forward, it moves forward Some don’t have obvious sense Some are out of our control – e.g. points can take us in different directions 3 Questions for this session: What causes change? What can we do to instigate change? […]

  • #WUNM in Storify

    [View the story “#WUNM: Youth Workers & New Media” on Storify] #WUNM: Youth Workers & New Media Day event help in Doncaster, in a room full of buzz, and a real desire to learn how we can move forward in using new media within the Christian YouthWork setting. Here’s an unedited collection of tweets on […]

  • The Story of Today with @drbexl #CNMAC12

    This is (probably still a draft) version of the rather-experimental session we’re about to do, telling the story of today from a range of sources: #CNMAC12: The Story of Today from Bex Lewis We’ll know afterwards whether it worked! Like It? Share it...