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  • Some Advice re: Cyberbullying

    Some thoughts for parents on dealing with Cyberbuyllying If you or someone you care about has been cyberbullied, bullied in-person or both, it doesn’t matter whether you’re part of an “epidemic” — as some people claim — or if you’re in a minority, any more than it matters to cancer patients how common their condition […]

  • My Year Unplugged: How I Found My Off Switch

    An interesting piece on taking time out (longer than intended) by this author: As I sat there listening to the panel, I also realized we still had a great deal of work to do in all our communities and much of that work had to do with helping people learn to not only not fear […]

  • Will Technology Replace Thinking?

    Interesting piece from Kirk Douglas, aged 96 – observing technological changes: The first thing you come up against is technology. One night we took our grandchildren out for dinner. I looked around the table. Jason, the youngest, was playing games with his cellphone; Ryan, 12 years old, had his head under the table and I […]

  • The Positives of Suicide Forums #DigitalParenting

    An interesting piece from the BBC (H/T Maggie Barfield): Joe Ferns of the Samaritans added: “We should acknowledge that many people are using suicide forums and chatrooms to anonymously discuss their feelings of distress and despair, including suicidal thoughts, which may have a positive impact on the individual. They may be expressing feelings that they […]

  • [INFOGRAPHIC] Linked In

    I’ve never been the world’s biggest user of LinkedIn, but if you’re looking to connect with senior managers/corporates, this is the most likely place to find them. Great article on Social Media Today on getting the most out of it – and the infographic they use:

  • Breaking Up With My iPhone

    Another fascinating tale about someone making an active decision to disconnect from the ‘always-on’ nature of their iPhone: This sturdy conviction soon gave way to a more fragile reality. It turned out my iPhone only enabled me do what I always did — just more frequently and everywhere. In other words, I basically checked email […]

  • Google Glass Helping Treat Autism

    An interesting use for Google Glass by the mother of an autistic child: When Rory was a baby, Darline noticed he had certain sensitivities that would cause him to cry in an alarming fashion. She began to take videos of him in various situations around their home in Ocala. The videos helped Darline communicate with […]

  • Cypherpunks and Surveillance?

    An interesting article to note to read re ‘Cypherpunks’ – suggested by @FuturePersp in tweets after last night’s #SMWLDN event – this paragraph caught my eye: Child pornography, terrorism, money laundering and the ‘War on Some Drugs’: these are the flagship issues which are bandied around by those making the case for the surveillance and centralisation […]