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  • We’re all Digital Content Curators … (HT @drbattytowers)

    This is a really interesting piece (and highlights skills that pretty much anyone with a history degree at least, should have): It helps if you’re not a victim of FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out, where you need to sleep with your smartphone under your pillow in case someone sends you an email or SMS […]

  • Five Labs Personality Typing

    A fascinating test came in via my RSS feed – using the last nearly 3000 words from Facebook stati, photos, etc. they decided that I’m not very extroverted…. erm… Based on the initial responses to the site on Twitter, “people seem to identify pretty strongly with the personalities we generate,” said Nikita Bier, the co-founder […]

  • The “Seven Deadly Digital Sins”

    Well, this is a fascinating project from The Guardian and the Canadian Film Board … looking at the ‘Seven Digital Deadly Sins’  - the few bits I’ve looked at so far seem to come down on the side that “digital is bad” and is causing us to “miss out on the real world”, and that […]

  • [VIDEO] ‘Look Up’ H/T @RWileECoyote

    “You’re awake and attentive, and putting your time to good use.” It’s entirely possible to do this with a mix of offline/online living, and the number of conversations that have been triggered on a train whilst I am looking at something on my phone, and end up comparing notes with someone opposite/next to me (which […]

  • [Article] @ThreadsTweets ‘Redeeming Culture in a Digital Age’

    “I’m a passionate believer that we need to be ‘incarnational’ in the digital spaces, whether those are specifically ‘Christian’ spaces or not, but that we need to understand how to be ‘resident’ in those spaces, rather than merely ‘visiting’ to do a ‘bit of reaching out’. Read the full article on Threads Like It? Share […]

  • Death Online Research Symposium #DORS

    Grabbed the tweets from the last couple of days from Death Online Research Symposium: [<a href="//" target="_blank">View the story "#DORS" on Storify</a>] Like It? Share it...

  • Myths about young people and social media via @Zephoria #DigitalParenting

    An interesting piece on Five Myths About Young People and Social Media Teenagers have always been attracted to public spaces where they can hang out with friends, find new friends, and talk endlessly with peers about matters that concern them, away from parents and other authority figures. Such gatherings are crucial to human development; they are how teenagers […]

  • Cyber-abuse of academics via @timeshighered

    People really have to get an idea that there are human beings behind all screens – here’s some comment on the particular situation for academics: My experiences, it seems, are far from unique. I am working on a joint University of York-University of Southampton research project; in our survey of 240 higher education sector professionals, […]